Business Women of the Triad

Business Women of the Triad is a group of vibrant women who are actively developing their own businesses and are engaged in promoting the businesses of other members. We're recognized as Greensboro's oldest networking group for women and for more than 31 years our members have made significant contributions to the Triad's business growth.

Launched in 1986 as Network USA, we became Business Women of the Triad (BWT) in 2005 and we've grown our membership to include approximately 35 members. Each member has an exclusive business slot, providing a non-competitive environment for the promotion of her business.

Our membership represents an array of products and services from telecommunications, real estate, HR services and recruitment to financial services, insurance, events, advertising, and consultative services that support businesses and individuals. We cover virtually any product or service your growing company needs. And one of our greatest strengths is our ability to collaborate on behalf of clients who need a combination of selected services.

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