membership information

We welcome new members when openings are available in an existing business category or when a prospective member's business complements our other members' endeavors. Members are expected to provide business referrals for other members, so prospective members who primarily sell a product to consumers aren't a good fit for us.

Interested guests are invited to contact us for an invitation to attend a meeting. Then guests are welcome to attend up to three meetings with no cost or obligation, to experience the group's networking environment and to meet other members.

Membership Expectations
Membership is offered to businesswomen who are engaged in business-to-business endeavors as entrepreneurs or salespeople, as long as their business does not compete with or overlap the business of a current member. Membership is limited to 40, but slots open as members make career changes or move to other locations.

Regular, on-time attendance and up-to-date dues are also requirements. Members who are unable to attend regularly miss opportunities to give and receive referrals. When a member has 3 unexcused absences in a quarter or dues are not paid by the second meeting of each quarter, she forfeits her membership.


Members who know they will miss a meeting due to illness, a business time conflict, vacation, appointment, transportation issue or family need, contact the Secretary - Treasurer prior to the meeting for an excused absence.


Dues include a one-time initiation fee of $20 and yearly dues of $200. Members may elect to pay dues on a quarterly basis - $50 per quarter, or several quarters at a time or yearly basis. Quarterly dues are due by the second meeting of each quarter in January, April, July and October New members joining at other times of the year pay an initiation fee and prorated dues for the remainder of the year.

Benefits of Membership
In addition to weekly meetings where general and specific leads are shared, Business Women of the Triad maintains this web site with members' profiles. Our site serves as a fast connection to information about members' services and products, and their contact information. 

We also encourage all members to meet one-to-one with the other members at least once a year to learn more about their businesses, opportunities for referrals and discover synergies.


Typically we have two evening parties per year for informal time together and plenty of laughter!



Need more details? Contact us.